Dinosauria Collection

The Great International Dinosaur Stampede
The blockbuster Dinosauria Exhibition is a thrilling journey through prehistoric times when dinosaurs walked the Earth. From their earliest appearance all the way up to their extinction, watch the dinosaurs grow from raven-sized creatures into the most gigantic animals ever to have lived. Gathered from among the world’s most prestigious fossil collections, the new Dinosauria Exhibition from the world renowned Genesis Exhibit will take you from tiny Eoraptors to towering Tyrannosaurs, from the seashores to the bottoms of the oceans, from the treetops to the skies.

The Mesozoic world of the dinosaurs and earliest mammals comes alive in this dramatic exhibition. The gorgeous and rare natural artifacts are displayed as sculptural art—a must for all ages. Raptors, Brontosaurs, Stegosaurs, Hadrosaurs, Ceratopsians, Pterosaurs, and Tyrannosaurs again rule the planet in all their splendor as they did for 140 million years.

A minimum of 2500 – 7,000 square feet is required. Negotiable fee (with deposit), plus round-trip shipping and insurance. 3 to 6 month venues. High security.

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