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Ten years in the making, from the artisans of the Pharaonic Village in Giza, Egypt and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, this dazzling collection of reproductions of Tutankhamun’s legendary treasures recreates the richest archaeological find of all time. While the experience of seeing the original artifacts is unsurpassable, the sheer number of replicas in the Tutankhamun: “Wonderful Things” from the Pharaoh’s Tomb collection far exceeds the number of original objects from the tomb which have been allowed to leave the Egyptian Museum for view abroad. Most of the more impressive artifacts will never be seen in the U.S. but for replicas of this quality. read more>

The blockbuster Dinosauria Exhibition is a thrilling journey through prehistoric times when dinosaurs walked the Earth. From their earliest appearance all the way up to their extinction, watch the dinosaurs grow from raven-sized creatures into the most gigantic animals ever to have lived. Gathered from among the world’s most prestigious fossil collections, the new Dinosauria Exhibition from the world renowned Genesis Exhibit will take you from tiny Eoraptors to towering Tyrannosaurs, from the seashores to the bottoms of the oceans, from the treetops to the skies. read more>

This stunning exhibition illustrates the awesome journey of humankind as recorded by the fossils, cast from the collections of the National Museums of Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania. The amazing skeleton of Lucy has filled people with wonder worldwide.

This rare cast of one of humanity’s most beloved ancient relatives is accompanied by the celebrated representatives of each of the many species that descended down the ages, along with their stone tools and artwork, from their earliest beginnings during the Eocene period to the appearance of modern humans. read more>

Drawn from the world’s foremost fossil collections, the unprecedented treasury of fossil casts known as THE GENESIS EXHIBIT brings together into one exhibition some of the most exciting finds in the history of paleontology from over a century of worldwide excavations, exhibited as sculptural works of art.

Spanning 4.6 billion years in scope, from the earliest invertebrate marine life, through the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous dinosaurs to saber-toothed cats, this comprehensive collection from the Texas Museum of Natural History’s internationally acclaimed THE GENESIS EXHIBIT dramatically illustrates the awesome story... read more>

After 2000 years an ancient, forgotten language comes to life again. The ancient Rosetta Stone has been cast directly from the original by the British Museum exclusively for this spectacular traveling exhibition. The history, the discovery, the translation - all accompanied by rare, authentic artifacts from Ancient Egypt and the Cradle of Civilization.

These rare original relics have survived from the very dawning of civilization. From ancient Sumer to the Holy Land, the eternally compelling mystery of the sudden appearance and rapid progression of urban life is traced through pottery, cylinder seals, cuneiform tablets, bronze and marble sculpture, currency, and weaponry from its distant origins in early Mesopotamia to Canaan, Egypt, Phoenicia, Greece, Palestine, Israel, and Rome. read more>

Persistent claims of a crashed flying saucer in the New Mexico desert near the town of Roswell during the summer of 1947 have long since found their way into American legend. Firsthand testimony by credible eyewitnesses, both military and civilian, has come to light after 50 years of silence, insisting that the legend is fact -- from the crash and subsequent alien autopsy of one of the alleged casualties to a dark and massive cover-up instituted by President Truman which many believe persists to this day. Large digital photographs on canvas, streaming slide shows of UFOs through the ages. read more>


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