The Roswell Exhibit

Persistent claims of a crashed flying saucer in the New Mexico desert near the town of Roswell during the summer of 1947 have long since found their way into American legend. Firsthand testimony by credible eyewitnesses, both military and civilian, has come to light after 50 years of silence, insisting that the legend is fact -- from the crash and subsequent alien autopsy of one of the alleged casualties to a dark and massive cover-up instituted by President Truman which many believe persists to this day. Large digital photographs on canvas, streaming slide shows of UFOs through the ages, a chilling diorama reconstruction, sculptures, replica artifacts, popular toys and models, and controversial government documents bring to life the famous incident and its participants from the initial discovery of the wreckage and its extraterrestrial crew to its current place at the height of American folklore. Whether you are a skeptic or you simply want to believe, this fascinating exhibition is sure to inform your point of view.

A minimum of 1,500 - 2500 square feet is required. Negotiable fee (with deposit), plus round-trip shipping and insurance. 3 to 6 month venues. High security.

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